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Change Management & Strategy Implementation

We have found most clients know why they need to change, sometimes an idea on what may need to change, but mostly need assistance with how to change, how to sell the change, get buy in and generate momentum and identify measurable short and long term milestone and outcomes.

Supervisor Training - Site Based

Why are we surprised when supervisors struggle to be leaders when they have been promoted or given the title purely on their ability to do the job –

technically strong -

not necessarily good at helping / leading others to do the job?

Evidence Based
Peer Reviewed
Scientific Diagnostics

Team ,leadership or organisational, the diagnostics need to create conversations, not hinder them.

They must be easy to understand and apply learnings from.



Sample of testimonials- taken from recommendations on Meelup Linkedin site

Leadership Development

We use the most up to date research and diagnostic tools to ensure we can show, engage, develop and implement the appropriate level of leadership development.

Organisational Cultural Diagnostics 

We have various diagnostic licences that enable us to have meaningful conversations with clients which lead to engagement, change initiatives where necessary and identifying strengths as cornerstones of the organisational culture or DNA.

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I am a friendly dominant facilitator with expertise in change management, leadership development and recruitment.

The origins of providing outstanding customer services stems from my early working days as a swimming coach, pizza maker, restaurant waiter, all the while studying at the University of Western Australia, and through this learnt at a very young age that you get repeat business and gratuity by being friendly at the same time as providing a service and getting a job done.


This started an interesting journey through my university degree in Human Movement with a major in sports psychology and sociology. Teaching in a Western Australian private school for 3 years before entering the commercial world as the General Manager Australia Asia for Pacific Institute, a global education and training organisation.


I started Meelup Management in July 2000 based on experience gained to date, my energy and a thirst for knowledge, an inquisitive mind and a grounding in customer service!

Partnering with clients large and small, from BHP, Downer to State Government Departments, from family owned enterprises to International Alliances, has seen me work in many countries, industries and professions. This variety and diversity has taught me a lot, allowed me to be continuously challenged to remain relevant, impactful and adding tangible value to their business.


 Postal Address:

PO Box 6172

Swanbourne 6010

Western Australia, Australia


Tel: +61418 914 862

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Meelup acknowledges the Traditional Owners of Country, the Aboriginal people of the many lands that we work on and their language groups throughout Western Australia and more broadly Australia and recognise their continuing connection to the land and waters.

We respect their continuing culture and the contribution they make and we pay our respects to their Elders past, present and emerging.

Meelup means “place of the moon rising” and was named by the local Wardandi people, the Aboriginal custodians of the area, as the full moon appears to rise out of the sea on a few days of the year. This is where Meelup Management came from.

In Perth, office is in Moro (Swanbourne), a district in the lands of the Whudjuck Nyungar people, overlooking Galbamaanup, (Lake Claremont).

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