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We place a great deal of importance on measurement. (what gets measured usually gets attention and get done!).

But we know the measurement must be backed up by research, peer reviewed and stand up to the rigour of clients asking “how do you know”?

If the (current) culture or (current) teamwork is the answer, then the question has to be leadership. 


This changes the questioning of results to statements around results which typically include:

“this is so accurate”

“I have gained more insight from this in two hours than a full day workshop”

“I need to be honest, that is exactly how I am feeling and how I behave as a leader towards that person”



  • CLS360-Leadership Scan


  • CBS360-Behaviour Scan

  • WPS360-Work Performance Scan

  • HPS360-Hexaco Personality Scan


  • CTS360-Team effectiveness scan


  • CCS360- Culture Scan

Human Synergistics - Life time accreditation

  • OCI / OEI

  • LSI

  • LI, MI

  • DISC

  • Coach

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