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Why are we surprised when supervisors struggle to be leaders when they have been promoted or given the title purely on their ability to do the job

technically strong -

not necessarily good at helping / leading others to do the job?


The problem

Give supervision title + High expectations effective supervisor


The solution

Support. Accelerate. Engage. Teach. Coach. 

Scale leadership impact

Each solution focussed engagement is tailored to client needs. Elements can include:

  • Workshop for leadership team and supervisors to outline expectations and context of program and initiative 

  • 360º for each supervisor identified to ensure levels of self awareness are understood and supervisors are engaged.

  • Site based coaching (Meelup going to sites) to engage with individual and team coaching including true field leadership at work front with "real teams in real time" Meelup has provided this service for broad range of geographical locations from Tbilisi Georgia to remote sites around Australia

  • Building specific tool kits to assist supervisors with leadership tips and "hacks".

  • Online learning and coaching.

  • 24/7 support- (some describe this as real EAP) in place.

The site based coaching often develops into individual and site based coaching with developed themes specifically tailored to site issues or challenges.

Concerning data

Estimates of the base rate of managerial incompetence in the corporate world range as high as 67%, with an average around 50% (Hogan)


Most leaders will ‘derail’ in their careers (Adrian Furnham)


Meelup’s experience and observation from the field is that many supervisors are appointed to the role of being a supervisor purely on their technical knowledge and ability and not always on their ability to lead and influence teams. (plus rarely associated with any support in making the step up from being a mate to being a leader). 


Further more, in many instances, this transition to supervision highlights the low to moderate levels of self-belief and self confidence in their leadership ability and the strong desire to not let the company down that placed that trust in them to be a leader/ supervisor. When thrust into the role, without an definitive base of understanding on how to influence or how best to lead and influence others, default styles of “just get the job done” kicks in, especially when under pressure.


Trying harder to be a leader without some specific upskilling/ training/ personal engagement does not always translate to success. Providing a reference point of what a good leader looks like, acts like and makes others feel and how they “measure up or compare” becomes part of that upskilling and training.


Meelup has found a genuine thirst for this insight and education on sites. Not from a theoretical point of view, nor taught in a class room or via an online course -  but via an individual insight and engaged approach for each leader, supervisor and manager. That is why Meelup often travels to regional and remote sites, provides real field leadership and engages in one on one and team coaching.

The demands on a supervisor are the same, step up, emerging or a seasoned supervisor. The outcomes of good leadership and influence are measurable and translate to the levels of safety, quality and performance including margin levels and profitability. The “coal face”, where the supervisor works is often the reference point to retention of a contract, extension of a contract or winning new work. 



To discuss and consider the Meelup model and approach, please make contact.

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