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Sample of testimonials- taken from recommendations on Meelup Linkedin site


Chris has worked with around 35 of the site based leadership team and major influencers including my HSE team over the past 12 months.

His ability to connect at all levels, ensure relevance, provide coaching and insight whilst constantly reminding us of the effective leadership behaviours and associated techniques to utilise has been important to our success.

The increased "tool kit" has provided our leaders with the skills to deliver the consistent core leadership message this is critical on a mega project with 1,400 staff.

Peter Jones, HSE Manager- Wheatstone Project, Engineering, Construction and Maintenance

(Meelup site support for this project was 2 days every 2 weeks for 16 months at Wheatstone/ Chevron Gas plant build) 

Having completed two CLS360 reviews and associated sessions with Chris, I have discovered not only areas for improvement, but alas of strength to work on. Chris's open and insightful way of encouraging self discovery not only helped with my previous role, but has provided a great foundation to build on in my current role.

Well worth the "look in the mirror" approach provided through a CLS360 review.

Steven Hall, General Manager at College of Electrical Training,

I had the pleasure of working with Chris Wiener during my latest leadership role.

I have learnt some valuable lessons during this period, that success is not only achieved by following all safety rules, being the first and last one at the coal face, giving it your all and leading from the front line to make your team and company succeed at all costs. there is the massive element of human connection and team building that I completely skipped.

My time with Chris recently really highlighted that and my reflection post this role has only confirmed this further. 

The survey is a great non evasive way to give the attendees a self and peer work colleagues perspective of how you are perceived based on the relationships you have built with these colleagues. This also compares how you might view yourself in comparison.

Justin Langridge

Director at Complete Crane Solutions

Chris, It has been a pleasure to have your insight, assistance and support for all of us here on this project.

Personally your words and guidance has helped me tremendously get through a difficult period in my life and I thank you for that.

Professionally you have provided us the tools and direction that has influenced and strengthened our confidence to perform our roles within this company.

I thoroughly recommend any business to undertake your services as it will enhance their teams capabilities and provide the tools to setup a dynamic amongst personnel that will lead to stronger unity.

Darren MacDonald, Service Planning Coordinator Downer Port Hedland

I was first introduced to Chris at Meelup group in early March of 2017. Since working with Chris and participating in the 360 surveys I gained great insight into how I operate as an individual. We work on how my actions, thoughts and feelings drive my responses and ultimately my outcomes". 

Chris has coached and mentored me to begin understanding my important question of the why? and from understanding this I can look at what measures I can take to influence the outcomes I desire.

Chris has a natural ability to put the complexities of the results from the data, extracted from the 360 program into relatable terms via real world scenarios. 

Since working with Chris I have seen noticeable growth as an individual which in turn has allowed me to be a better leader and co worker. I could not praise Chris highly enough for the teachings he has provided me and our team. 

I would recommend Chris's services to any professional in a team environment looking for growth or for any company looking to form a strong team

Gerard Peroomal, Service Planning Coordinator Downer, Port Hedland

I met Chris through his facilitation of the 360 review evaluation process at our school. I was very impressed by how Chris managed the process, and gave insight into how the performance evaluation tool could be used to gain a better understanding of how you operate in a business environment, and ways to improve. I strongly recommend Chris, and believe that any organization and its employees can benefit from this process and his expertise. 

Simon Scates

Information Technology Manager International School of Western Australia

Having recently invited Chris (Meelup Management) to host a mentoring workshop for our Supervisors, we have seen a huge difference in the future leaders of our business and the way they undertake their various tasks. 

I would recommend Chris for any performance management mentoring session 

Marc Chambers Quality Manager WAMMCO International

Chris has worked with different personnel within Downer, assisting them in reaching their full potential. I have worked with Chris for at least 2 years and he has shown that his coaching can be applied on multiple levels and different scenarios. 

I am confident Chris' coaching and mentoring would benefit any person or company looking for self improvement.

Han Cheng, access superintendent at Downer

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